Christmas WIPs


Hey everyone! I had been worrying that I forgot how to crochet! I've been pretty busy, so I thought it would be good to find a project that was easy to pick up and put down, and something that didn't take long to see results! Thanks to Ale, who gave me that fantastic Japanese crochet motif book, I've been making snowflakes and other ornaments! Once I get some more made, I'm going to starch them.

What are you guys working on? Any fun Christmas projects?


  1. Great looking patterns, Kate! I'm working on similar things at the moment: snowflakes and stars and bells! Like you, I love preparing for any kind of festive season! I've already started hanging a few things up and love the atmosphere! Happy crocheting!

  2. it's so overwhelming to know that a gift is particularly loved !!!!!
    happy crocheting my dear, xxxxxx ale


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