Sunday Smiles


Happy Sunday my friends!  Are you smiling today?  I sure am!  I'm smiling because I'm posting this from my new home on the lake!   My grandma and I now have internet, woot woot!  (Although, to be honest, I didn't mind having to "un-hook" from my computer and cell phone for a little bit as a break!  But it's good to be back!)

And do you see that awesome lamp?!  I'm still smiling about how cool it is.  I saw some similar lanterns in an antique store recently and wondered if I (ok, let's be honest again- if my dad) could rig it up with a light bulb for a lamp.  I mentioned the idea to my dad and he asked if I had seen the old lanterns that my grandma has right here in this house!  My dad took one of them, and in no time transformed it into that awesome lamp for me!  We think the lantern belonged to my great-grandfather.  How cool is that?  I'll tell you- REALLY cool. What could be cooler?  I'll tell you- The fact that my great-grandfather's lantern (with a slight upgrade from my father) is sitting on a nightstand that my grandfather built.  Super cool.  But I am a sucker for sentimentality.


I'm also a sucker for a foggy scene.  The fog over the lake yesterday morning was just beautiful.  I think I want to say that fog has a bit of an ethereal quality to it.  (Or maybe I want to say that because the word "ethereal" was just recently on jeopardy?)  At any rate, I like how fog comes in all light and delicate, transforming the scenery into something more magical, and leaves just about as lightly and delicately as it came, almost unnoticeable.

What's been making you smile lately?


  1. That lantern is really great now it can be used with the lighting your father fixed up in it! I notice the crocheted green doily too!
    Yes, the fog does give very delicate images that often look like water-colours.
    Happy Sunday to you! So glad that you and grandma are now hooked up to internet!


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