I'm trying to reorganize all my yarns and threads, but I keep getting distracted... I keep picking up yarn and a hook with "what if I try this...." or "there's only so much of this yarn left, what if I just use it up..."  Plus, yesterday the bright green book you see above, Masterpieces of Irish Crochet Lace, arrived from Amazon, and I keep peeking through it...

I've been really itching to learn how to do Irish crochet lace!  (Just take a peek at all the Irish crochet lace pins on Pinterest... Drool!  Those dresses from the early 1900's are jaw dropping.)  I pulled out that second little pamphlet book, Irish Crochet Lace from my stack of vintage patterns too.  I'm hoping they will serve as motivation to get my yarn organizing done, plus a few other projects done that I already have in the works...  I just can't seem to focus and stay with one project lately!

How are you guys doing?  Are you getting stuff done?  Are there any new crafty techniques you're dying to learn?


  1. Irish lace is very stylized. I have made those typical leaves and flat-type layered roses, but these days I prefer using bigger hooks, as you know!
    I'm sure you'll have loads of fun discovering this style of crochet!

  2. Yes...that Irish Crochet is certainly beautiful! I can't wait to see what you do with it. Looks difficult! I bet I have at least 5 different projects going...I'm terrible about that. Although, I truly am trying to finish a scarf for a friend's birthday in October.

  3. Irish crochet is so beautiful and easier than it looks. I just finished my improvised Irish lace square and it was great big fun.

    1. Thanks, that give me more confidence to try! I just looked at your square... it's beautiful!! Thanks so much for sharing!!
      Kate :}

    2. Thank you! I will be putting together some kind of a photo tutorial/instructable about making this square.
      The lovely square on the little green book on your picture is a beautiful, easy piece to try!!

    3. Yes! I was thinking that square on the cover would be a great place to start!
      Kate :}


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