Sneak Peek!


Hey everyone!  There's a project I've been working on that I've been dying to show you, but I want to show it in its entirety... but I can't take it any longer.  So here's just a little sneak peek.  Ahhh...  I feel a little better now.

Have a fantastic weekend my dear friends!!


  1. Oh! You can give us just a tempting glimpse, then not show the rest!!! Grrrrr!!!
    Whatever it's going to be, I'm thinking it's going to be very pretty.....

  2. Wow, this is beautiful! I can't wait to see the whole thing!

    Amy x

    1. Thanks Amy!! I'm just waiting on some better weather so I can take some better pictures!! Hopefully I can share soon!
      Kate :}

  3. Well, you might be feeling better now, but I'm itching to see more!! ;)

  4. Oo! Can't wait to see more...looks like crochet in an embroidery hoop? Lovely!

  5. This is looking intriguing! Could it be a window hanging?

  6. You might feel better, but now I am dyin to see the rest. I can tell it is a beauty!


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