Spam and Eggs

Good morning everyone!  Care to join me for some spam and eggs? Maybe I've gone completely mad, but let me explain.  I don't know about you other bloggers, but I get a ridiculous amount of spam comments (which you don't get to see since I had to start moderating my comments because of them).  And I think they have reached a breaking point... The spam comment that broke the blogger's back mind?  Maybe I have a bizarre sense of humor, but after awhile these spam comments really started to crack me up!

I haven't quite figured out if the comments are randomly generated by a computer or go through some translation program, but sometimes the wording is pretty funny.  Or at least it is to me!  So I thought since I can't beat them, I'd join them, in a sense, by showcasing some of the better ones!  Maybe I've lost you already and this post is just spamming up your blog reader, or maybe you might find these spam comments a little funny like me...  So grab your beverage and breakfast of choice, and I'll provide a little spam.  (Warning, there could be some comments that may or may not be construed as offensive.  Just throwing that out there now.  Heaven forbid anyone choke on a sip of Earl Grey after coming across a genital reference.)

(Of course I won't include the actual links that the spam comments ultimately want you to click on.)

Alright, here's the first one:

You really make it appear really easy along with your presentation but
I to find this matter to be actually one thing that I
think I would never understand. It sort of feels too complicated
and extremely huge for me. I'm having a look forward to your next post. I'll attempt to get the dangle of it!
Look into my site ...  african mango weight loss reviews

I've never heard "dangle" used in that context... I think something got lost in translation.  Perhaps after a flip through the thesaurus, "dangle" was mistakenly chosen instead of "hang?"  Regardless, I do know that I want to start adding the word "dangle" and that phrase to my everyday vocabulary.  "I'll just be dangling around the house this weekend."    "Hey, you want to dangle out tomorrow?"  How could you possibly say no to that?  I certainly couldn't.


No, they dont work, and if they're not used properly they can harm the penis forever..
Here is my site ; natural male enhancement

Hmm... Not sure this comment was very relevant as I'm pretty sure I was posting about a painted rock...  How do spammers determine which spam comments should go where?  Have I inadvertently made my blog content such that it suggests that my readers are prime candidates for natural male enhancement?  Maybe in referring to yarn I've said "balls" one too many times?  (In all seriousness, this reminds me I have yet to show you the awesome ball sack my sister made me for Christmas!)

Moving on:

free dating Safety tip 2:
Meet in a violent end.

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Ok, correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't that tip sound like the opposite of safety?  Who says, "that's some great advice.  I'm going to go check out this person's web-site!"  But I suppose there is something poetic about "meet in a violent end."  A paradoxical terminating acquaintance? I don't know, but I can't stop my brain from trying to make some sort of sense out of that sentence...  Any theories?

How about one more? :

Howdy, I read your blog from time 
to time and I own a similar one and i was just curious if you get a lot of spam responses?

If so, how do you reduce it, any plugin or anything you can recommend?
I get so much lately it's driving me mad so any help is very much appreciated.
Here's my page: valentines day florist

Oh, that's good.  Really good.  I don't think I need to explain the irony here...  Touche spam.  Touche.

Ok, that's enough silliness for now.  All I have to say in regards to staying sane amongst all the spam is that I really hope to get the dangle of it!  Have a fantastic Saturday, and if you have a date, please don't meet in a violent end!


  1. I have the same amount of problems lately, too!
    thank you for this hilarious post, xxxx Ale

  2. I think seeing the unintentional humor in the spam is a refreshing take on it, as opposed to most people's either getting aggravated over it or just ignoring it.

    Always better to be laughing than bitching and moaning! :-D

    1. I agree. Life's too short to be angry!
      Kate :}

  3. That must be very annoying...I don't have any of those problems because I have no followers, no comments....But I enjoy being in this nice community :)

    Have a great weekend!!

    Lluisa x

    1. It is a very nice community!! Where's your blog, I want to take a peek! :)
      Kate :}

    2. Hi!!
      Is this one:

      Is not as interesting as many of the ones around, but I am very new :)

      Many thanks!!

  4. Oh my gosh - I used to get a ton of those comments every day, and I have to say that it was very irritating - it was a pain in the rear to have to go through and delete them. I switched my comments to not allow anonymous ones and that took care of the problem. Have a great weekend. :)

  5. hola es el traductor yo lo tengo cuando traduce pero lo tomo con alegría y diversion ,buen fin de semana beso

  6. I get drug ones I guess they think am so old I would fall for that

  7. Very interesting comments. Hope you had fun dangling around. ;)

  8. Oh, my gosh! Your spammy comments are so much more entertaining than mine!! I might have choked on my tea a little! lol! ;)

  9. What a brilliant post! It really made me laugh ß especially the 1st comment!!! :-)
    I wish we could dangle around together!

  10. They are a pain in the neck, just something I get use to deleting and watching out for...

    1. Yes indeed... I suppose I will just have to accept they are here to stay!
      Kate :}

  11. Kate those are hilarious, who knows where they come from,?? something I have done on my blog, is to get rid of the "Next Blog" on the top, and also have enabled Comment moderation. If you google how to get rid of 'next blog' it will give the code and show you where to put it in your template.

    1. Yes, I moderate my comments which helps a bit, but thanks for the "next blog" tip... I'll look into it!
      Kate :}

  12. Hi! This is actually my first visit here and when I saw the title "spam and eggs" I had to check it out. While I'm sorry you (and all lovely bloggers everywhere) have to deal with such ridiculousness, it really made a hilarious post! I needed a good laugh! Now I'm off to see what your other posts are like. Lol. You know, first impressions and all! xo


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