Were you guys experiencing strange weather last week?  For a couple of days it seemed like the weather couldn't make up its mind.  One minute it's doom and gloom complete with dark clouds, rain, and even thunder... the next minute the sun is shining and acting as if nothing happened... and then the pattern repeats... repeatedly....

Because of this, I found myself constantly watching the clouds as they were changing shape and color so fast.  I took quite a few pictures of them in their different states of being.  The picture above is of the in between state of the sky seen from my car's sunroof.  I think I love sun showers so much because for just a few minutes, they seem to defy the laws of nature... or at least our expectations of it.

I hope you enjoy whatever kind of weather you are having today!


  1. I love this shot of the clouds and blue sky through the sun-roof of your car... lovely raindrops too! The weather is exactly the same here too and has been for most of the month of June so far. We alternate between sun and cloudless blue skies and then clouds and wind and rain! Though the sun hasn't made much of a show since yesterday!
    I use this sort of weather to catch up on inside jobs around the home and crochet, of course!

  2. Lovely photo! We are supposedly in summer, but today at work we put the heating on as it has been absolutely freezing. I really wonder when summer is going to arrive in the UK! x

  3. I think I'd go as far as to say that this my my all-time-favourite Signed with an Owl shot!!! AMAZING!!!


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