Hey guys!  So it may be a little quiet around here as I'm about ready to go on a little vacation with some friends.... to LONDON!!  I'm so excited!!  But I believe we have wifi where we are staying, so you might hear from me periodically, as I hope to be taking lots of pictures!!

If you've been, what were your favorite things there?!

Hope you all have a lovely week, and "see" you soon!


  1. Oh lucky You! :) I've been there once, a few years ago, and it's been one of the best trips ever!! I hope you don't think I'm crazy, but I loved the underground :) St James Park is great for a picnic, and you just have to go to a street market in Notting Hill, it's fabulous!! Oh, and of course all the other things in your city guide: Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Tower and Tower Bridge.... and make sure you visit a real English Pub with live music!

    Lucky You again... :)

    Have fun!!


  2. How exciting!!! You can almost spit in my direction then :)
    Hmm, what to see really depends if you have been before or not. If you haven't then Buckingham Place, London Tower, London Eye, Big Ben, Carnaby Street and Harrods are a MUST. You can easily walk along River Thames and have Tower Bridge, Tower, London Eye etc in close proximity. English Pub as Barbara said is always great but I would not choose the ones with the live music as they tend to be Irish Pubs (sorry to be pedantic). My favourite pub in London is the Sherlock Holmes one. I will find the details for you later and link you up.
    Oh and the British History Museum is top dollar - I LOVE it.

  3. Cor blimey guv'nor!
    I expect you'll have a truly amazing time in one of the most wonderful places I know.
    I used to go to university in London and loved walking to college in the early mornings as the city came to life.
    I would heartily recommend one of the open top bus tours. A little tacky maybe, but a really great way to see lots and lots and lots. (so long as it's not raining!!!!).
    Also worth noting is that the Science museum, British Museum, Natural History Museum, Tate Gallery and National Portrait Gallery (amongst plenty others) are free to enter, so great for a cheap day out!
    Enjoy it all, my lovely. There is sooooooo much to see and do.

  4. oh boo I wish I had been able to give you some money for souvenirs! Have fun, and I hope you take LOTS of photos, I so want to go to London someday!

  5. Have a WONDERFUL time in London! Whenever I visit I have big museum plans, but when the weather is glorious I seem to spend my time visiting all the parks, especially the smaller ones... I love to see all the people sprawled out on the grass chatting or reading or even snoozing! In the bigger parks, you can rent a deckchair (sort of uncomfortable, but fun) and read your guide-book! If you have time, do go and see a show. If you go on a weekday and visit the theatre in person, you can get excellent slashed prices! I can recommend "The Wizard of Oz" (magical) or "Sister Act" (joyful).
    I can recommend "Le Pain Quotidien" (our daily bread) for breakfast or brunch. It's a lovely bakery and communal table created by a Belgian man called Alain Coumont. There are several of them in London, you can look them up here to find the one nearest you:
    HAVE FUN! I shall be looking forward to your photos!

  6. Wow! Lucky you.

    I have been there twice, I love London.
    Piccadilly is reall nice to see.
    Take a hop on hop off bus to see the city, you can see the best places in town, you stop wherever you want and then you can come back to your favorite places.
    Piccadilly, Trafalgar square, Kings Cross, Covent Garden market
    Have fun and make lots of photos!

  7. Have a fabulous trip and remember to look for some UK woolie yarns. Or not,,,,,, just have a great time.<3

  8. Here's the link to the Sherlock Holmes Pub and don't forget to go upstairs to see "his" room

  9. lucky you!!! I love London!!!!
    xxxx Alessandra

  10. Have a wonderful time - and don't forget to take lots of photos while you're there!!!


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