Progress, Thanks, and Questions

Progress-  30 out of 36 complete!  These are a few of my favorite blocks at the moment.  (I just noticed they are all ones with red in them... For some reason I'm so drawn to red right now!)  I now have to add a single crochet border in white, block the squares, and then sew them together.

Thanks-  A big THANK YOU for the many lovely comments, advice, and new followers.  I was in the process of replying to the comments, but ran into some difficulty.  When the comments are in my email, some of them include the email address of the commenter and some of them are a no-reply comment.  This leads me to questions...

Questions-  Is there a way to reply to the "no-reply" comments?  I suppose I could post a comment in my own comments, but that doesn't guarantee that the person I'm replying to would get it right?  I guess what I'm asking too is, what is the reply etiquette?  Do you guys reply to every comment or just to questions?

Well, the bottom line is I'm very appreciative of all the encouraging comments, and am thrilled to "meet" all you crafty people and your wonderful blogs.


  1. OH, me, OH, that I look at this more closely. I only have 5 rows of color in mine instead of six. Let's not tell anybody. We will call it the same. It looks the same and works the same with the same last two rows as you have. Love you new endeavor. Glad to see you have found some of my friends wandering over.


  2. I just read on.... here's my thoughts on the whole reply stuff. I try to comment on those who I enjoy reading their blogs and also on those who are new in my garden back. But, don't feel that you need to reply to every single person that leaves you a comment or follow every single blog. Pick the one's you like.

    I also am one that does not like to carry on conversations back and forth in the commenting area. Some of us do take those off-blog and have become quite good friends via email. I also have created a separate email to keep my blog stuff out of my everyday emails.

    You will get the hang of it. Just take it slow and steady. Do not feel pressured to do anything you don't want to. Or feel like to have to post alot or have a lot of pictures. It takes time to find your flow and blogging voice.

    If you have any questions or if I can help you.

    Lastly, blogger and the commenting area with the whole signin thing has been acting up for a month or so. It's been crazy for most of us. We have figured out if you un-check the keep me signed in box it tends to work better. They are working on a solution. But know it is not you.

    Two blogs you don't want to miss, but they are not the best commentors are: {amazing eye for color, creativity and photos} {Luc has some family stuff going on right now, but has some great tutorials too and lots of followers.}


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